Friday, August 9, 2013

So I Got to Platinum on League of Legends...

One thing I've not been doing too much on League of Legends until recently is play in ranked solo queue. In general, it's lousy with toxicity and to be honest, it's not surprising because of the competitive nature of it. However, after being in a state of limbo in terms of gaining ELO for awhile (mostly because I kept winning one match then losing one match or the like), I recently went on a nice winning streak and my MMR got high enough that I got to my Platinum promotion series.

Though I failed the first promotion series (2-3), I was close enough to start another one shortly after and despite losing the first one, this happened. I will admit that my reaction to getting to Platinum, however, wasn't particularly amazing, but here you go:

Now it's time to get to Diamond... This is going to be a fun climb.


  1. Wow awesome, im still on 27 LVL hope one day ill get daimond :)
    i have one question from how long you being playing this game

    1. I've been at it for nearly 1.5 years.

      I didn't really try too hard in ranked last year and got low Gold (for the skin). Now I'm just gradually trying to see how high I can get on the ladder. Hopefully I can get Diamond this season too.

      Getting Diamond isn't that easy, unfortunately, especially with the larger playerbase.