Thursday, August 22, 2013

League Analysis: The Problem With Slow Removal/Immunity

Recently, the long awaited champion known as Lucian, the Purifier, has been released for play. While his kit has received mixed reactions from the community, one of his abilities was on my radar ever since he was announced. While mechanically it isn't anything new, the effect is new for the ADC (now called "Marksman" by Riot) role and only further enhances what I think has been an ongoing issue. I am referring to slow removal effects.
The Problem

While these aren't exactly common and mechanically in terms of removing slow they are fair, they also have the (possibly) unintended effect of removing debuffs associated with the slow that aren't actually the slow itself. This effectively makes effects that have a slow with secondary effects tied to them (that aren't their own separate debuff, such as Wither, Cripple, Grog-Soaked Blade, Crippling Strike, Ice Blast etc). The nature of some of these debuffs, when removed in such a (potentially) erroneous manner greatly reduces counterplay, making these debuffs almost useless against those champions.

The Solution

The solution is pretty obvious in the sense that these slows with secondary debuffing effects should receive their own debuffs. That way, even though the slow is fairly removed, the other debuffs will not also be removed. On the off chance the aforementioned design in the previous section is intended, then I guess there is no solution, since there's effectively no "problem," even though I strongly believe slow removal/immunity shouldn't allow the negation of these secondary effects.

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