Monday, July 15, 2013

Some Announcements and Such: Stream Time Changes, Busy Until End of July, New Youtube Channel Name, and More News to Come...

It's been awhile since I've done announcements of sorts, and given that there are going to be many things happening as the end of July approaches, it's worth covering some of it now. In this article, I will discuss upcoming changes to the stream schedule, my new Youtube channel setup, the (lack of an) agenda, and a few other minute details.

Stream Schedule Changes

Aside from the fact that I may potentially be not streaming for the next two weeks due to spending time with family (if I am spending a given day off, it will reflect on the stream's title on that day), I am also announcing ahead of time regarding some stream schedule alterations.

When I began streaming, I originally planned to stream three times a week in an attempt to accelerate the improvement of streaming-related activities, such as commentating. This rapidly became problematic due to the nature of my job(s) and I cut it down to two days. However, because I am doing some career changes (namely "quitting"one of my jobs) by the end of this month, I am once against increasing the minimum number of streaming days to three a week.

The new streaming schedule for my League of Legends Twitch channel will be as follows (these times are tentative):

Monday: Starting at 4 PM Pacific onwards (for as long as 6 hours)
Tuesday: Starting at 4 PM Pacific (for as long as 6 hours)
Wednesday: Staring at 4 PM Pacific (for as long as 6 hours)

For anyone who watches my streams, I normally start streaming 3 hours later than the listed time. The time change is due to the fact my sleep rotation will return to a more normal one (since I won't be working graveyard shift anymore). In addition, because so much time is open, the chances of me streaming on other days, especially weekends, is significantly increased. My Twitch channel profile will reflect these changes by the end of the month.

It is also worth noting I have another streaming channel open, though for now it'll remain private. This is intended to be for general non-League of Legends gameplay. The format of how I will handle this gameplay (i.e. longplay, let's plays, etc) will be decided in time.

Youtube Channel "Name Change" and New Setup

In the last few months, some channels have changed their names to something that isn't normally possible, even when using one's Google+ name, such as League of Legends (originally Riotgamesinc). This became more and more prevalent to the point I wondered if Google was trying something new and phasing in "name changes."

I was right, more or less, because the other day I got an offer to change my Youtube channel name and now, I go by the name Interest (formerly EpickPhailureCinema). While the channel link still uses my original channel name, the displayed name under my uploads and on the channel will show as "Interest." Given this fact, I am changing up my Youtube channel uploads once again since I made another channel purely because I couldn't change my channel name.

The uploads to these two channels will go as such:
  • Interest will be my main channel and will largely have League of Legends-related uploads. This may include highlights from my stream. They will no longer go to Channel of Interest. In addition, I have also hidden a ton of older videos (because to be frank their quality was crap anyways).
  • Channel of Interest will be my alt channel and will have a lot of unlisted uploads of highlights from my second stream of varied gameplay, with playlists for each set of gameplay.
More to Come... 

There are more announcements to come, such as article content and additional news related to my stream. However, I haven't decided yet what to do regarding these, so I cannot announce it now.

Also, I know I'm not writing that many articles for quite awhile (sorry about that) and no, there won't be an agenda - I am dropping that little project.

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