Monday, July 22, 2013

League Analysis: Eleisa's Miracle

I don't often revisit items because they either got changed to become usable with the preseason 3 patch that came out awhile ago or a change happened in the direction the article covered at some point after the article was written. However, this doesn't mean that the new iteration of the item has its own problems, especially if the change is so significant the item is essentially unrecognizable compared to its previous version.
In this case, the Eleisa's Miracle, which I covered in a previous article, was changed significantly and now has a small, yet definitive flaw. In this short article I will describe said flaw and give suggestions on how to remove it.

The Problem

While I could argue the item is incredibly inefficient and the usage of the Heal and Clairvoyance, or Clarity summoner spells are very low (thus making its first passive, Aid, "useless") but this is more of an issue with the summoner spells themselves as opposed to the passive.

Instead, the problem I will go over is the limitations of the second passive, which effectively requires a player to buy the item as late as level 15 in order to make use of the item's stats without wasting an item slot. This passive is especially important if one plans to use this item because otherwise a player will end up sitting on an extremely inefficient and low cost item, thus making the item useless if it takes up an item slot.

Furthermore, it's worth noting that the item builds from Philosopher's Stone, which is effective if held for a long time, but being forced to build Eleisa's Miracle cuts the life span of Philosopher's Stone short due to its passive.

The Solution

While solutions to make the item a bit more usable by making the item's effects persist without the usage of an item slot often request that an assist counter requirement (of some value) is added instead of a level counter requirement (of 3 at the moment), I was thinking of adding a bit of a twist that will retain the current level requirement but give an additional option if players want to build Eleisa's Miracle later on instead of utilizing the passive effect earlier to make room for other items.

Make a universal counter requirement set to 6 and have champion kills and assists increment the counter by 1 and level gains increment the counter by 2. This effectively means a player has to get 3 levels or 6 kills/assists to make the item permanent or any combination that would increase the "counter" to 6 (2 levels and 2 kills/assists, 1 level and 4 kills/assists).

By adding this secondary conditional, a player now has additional options to make use of Eleisa's passive and players who planned to build the item by level 15 to maximize the usage of Philosopher's Stone, then Eleisa's Miracle to free up item slot space now have either a little more time or can activate Eleisa's Miracle sooner and get the item slots faster, allowing for diverse build options due to additional item slot availability earlier.

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