Thursday, April 12, 2012

World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria Beta - Patch Released With Fixes But Bugs Galore

Yesterday, the beta servers went down for quite a bit of time to apply a new patch, as "predicted" by MMOChampion. I was hoping that many bugs would be fixed and that it would, at least, be stable enough that I could get some of the Jade Forest zone done as it was most certain a new zone was unlocked. What I, or rather, the beta testers, got, was a bit of a mess as world servers crashed again and again and there were disconnects galore. Fortunately, before falling to the server instability and inevitable issues today where I can't even launch or play the game now, I did manage to make several observations:

What Got Fixed/What Didn't Get Fixed
  • Female troll animations have been fixed. They no longer dance endlessly or kick when casting spells or the like.
  • Several quests have been fixed. From what I heard some problem quests in particular that got fixed were the Acid Rain quest in Jade Forest, among others.
  • Call Beast is still bugged. It has no cooldown still and occasionally calls extra beasts with each individual cast (i.e. one cast can call two beasts).
  • Pets were not fixed. I didn't mention this before because it was to be expected, but Hunter pet sizes are the same as that of their untamed counterparts (giant Devilsaurs and the like). Warlock pets are also pretty large. The reason I mention this now is because of the new ability Stampede, which essentially floods the screen with giant Hunter pets.

New Bugs/Features This Patch

Aside from the information posted on sites like MMOChampion, here's some tidbits worth knowing:

  • The level cap is at least 87. Level 87 spells have also been added to spellbooks as well. In addition, the spellbooks have been changed from having "Active" and "Passive" categories to having specialization-related categories.
  • A new zone is open (Valley of the Four Winds). If I can ever get through Jade Forest to get there, I might have some info on it soon.
  • There are some new (not fully implemented) Guild Challenges (rewards are placeholder for certain). I believe Scenarios have been implemented too as it's possible to queue for them on Dungeon Finder. New Guild Challenges are as shown below: 
    Guild challenge for Scenarios

    Guild challenge for Challenge Dungeons
    • Some macros do not work. I had to toss out many of my "Aspect Dancing" macros because the abilities didn't properly cast.
    • Some quests still do not work. One in particular that has arisen is Wisdom of the Ages. It's actually possible to get your character stuck (fixed by relogging only).
    And that's about it. At the moment I'm sitting here unable to play because another mini-patch got pushed through and I can't seem to download it (without reinstalling the entire 16-ish GB of the beta test) and so I'm waiting until Blizzard fixes it from their end. Also, 250,000 more beta keys have been released, so make sure to check Account Management if you have the Annual Pass - you may have access to the beta test.

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