Tuesday, April 17, 2012

World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria Beta - Quest Tidbits

With the beta going on, many quests have now been analyzed and are available for perusal without the use of the official forums. However, there's not too many comments (maybe beta testers haven't discovered other sites have information on the new Pandaria quests) on the quests themselves. This means players who are progressing through the zone with no idea what's in store for them will end up flooding the General Chat with queries. This is why in this particular article I'm going to answer some of the common queries that have come up last week (for Horde quests).

Pandaria Quests

While the gathering quests have more or less been fixed, this doesn't mean there aren't issues with the quests there. There are still plenty of existing issues that can make for a trying time for new beta testers:
  • Where do I start questing? North of Hellscream's Hope. Alternatively, you can talk to the "Portal Panda" in Orgrimmar and request transport to "The Wreck of the Sky Shark."
  • Is Wet Work bugged? The items to be collected for Wet Work have a spawn rate that simply cannot accommodate thousands of players questing through the zone at once. Try questing during times when there's not as many people on.
  • What about Acid Rain? The spawn rate for mobs to kill for this quest are very low. Overall I think the quest needs some general improvement to make it faster. It was previously bugged but whatever issues stopped progression of this quest are now fixed.
  • Why do I get stuck on Wisdom of the Ages? Only one player can do the quest at a time. Subsequent players trying to do it will get stuck and end up in the meditating state until they choose to leave. Relogging will then unstuck the character from there. Try to form a line and do it one at a time.
  • How come I can't get past the second screen of Scouting Report: Jinyu? For this there's a mob hidden behind a tree that you have to shoot, as shown below:
Look around here.
  • Another way to make it easier is to type in /target Jinyu Guard to see where it is. It is worth noting the quest can be a bit buggy in general. Make sure to increase graphics quality as the quest says as it may help.
  • Where is Shin? Is the Jade Witch bugged? Yes, this quest is still bugged. Just skip it for now.
  • What's up with Spitfire? The fires don't spawn that much. Also the fires the mobs make do not count.
  • There's no marmots to kick for Rampaging Rodents. This is an issue related to the fact some marmots can't be kicked and there are few, if any, marmots available to kick. Sometimes the spawns bug out too. I got lucky and managed to find some to kick after the servers restarted, so try to go for that.
  • Why am I disconnecting when trying to kill turtles for The Meat They'll eat? There is some sort of issue related to the turtles. Just being in proximity of the area  the turtles are at can cause your client to crash. Stay away from this quest and the general area for now.
And that's about it for quests so far, although as a general note if the quest isn't working for you, look for other quests to do as there are plenty available.