Wednesday, April 4, 2012

70000 Posts on the Wowhead Forums! And Potential Upcoming Articles...

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It's been nearly four years since I began my foray into the Wowhead Forums. Prior to that I used the web site for researching how to do quests and otherwise browsing the well-formatted database, but when parental controls set in (I had to study for AP tests back then), I needed to find another outlet. The Wowhead Forums was that outlet. I was a complete newbie back then, knowing little about forum etiquette and barely understanding forums in general. It was an interesting learning experience resulting in periodic moderation when I overextended without knowing.

But that's in the past. Now I'm quite experienced at forumgoing (and understanding the internet community in general) and it has culminated in me garnering a massive amount of posts on a forum I like. This is why I now gladly announce reaching a milestone of 70,000 posts. That aside, to keep this from becoming a small tidbit, I thought it would be interesting to also post ideas for potential future articles and projects (for this month) and see what you all think.

Before I expanded into bouncing ideas off people or otherwise writing giant posts about issues with World of Warcraft or suggestions, I made raid encounters and even instances. I even wrote a (poorly formatted) guide on encounter design. That is why the first project I  am considering, as I posted here, involves remaking the Abyssal Maw raid. I will specifically be creating encounters for said dungeon/raid that Blizzard decided to scrap, probably due to some lack of resources that was diverted to other work like the Firelands raid or something for another franchise. No guarantees, even though I said so, but I do have some bosses on paper already, so you might see it (on the Wowhead Forums) sometime.

On that note, I am also possibly going back to some long-unfinished projects such as raid instances I never completely did and finishing them. In addition, I may remake and retune at least one of the instances to Cataclysm level, pruning or adding new bosses to better fit the (Sword of Truth) canon and altering mechanics with the new wisdom I have garnered from making theorycrafting, creating other encounters, or observing Blizzard's more recent encounter design.

I will write at least a few longer articles on World of Warcraft involving one of the specific topics below:
  • Outline of problems with gear today: This will expand on the "reforging" idea that I posted earlier, going into what I believe is a disparity of equipment design to date.
  • Something on professions: Back in the day I posted a massive compilation of suggestions to improve WoW's overall accessible content, reducing the game's boredom as a result of flaws in the current system (in short, sitting in a town waiting for a long queue to pop). One aspect I specifically mentioned was professions and the lack of interactivity, which results in some players having underleveled professions (due to laziness, which is very prevalent). I may plan to expand on this idea and describe (more) interactive professions in detail.
  • A series on class problems: I don't exactly know how to do this yet, but describing each class's issues might make for a decent (never-ending) series of articles. It might not be too relevant now with Mists of Pandaria in beta, rendering anything said about Cataclysm class balance moot, but I will probably do something anyways.
  • PvP/PvE imbalance: I'm not talking about the disparities of PvP and PvE in terms of class balance here. I believe that topic has been done to death, to be honest. I'm actually referring to how rewarding PvP and PvE are in terms of in-game monetary value. For instance, Random Battlegrounds do not award gold, but Dungeon Finder does. I think this is a long-standing problem that results in a lot of broke PvPers (and don't even get me started on professions).
In addition, I may also write articles on other games, including at least one video game review (probably the one some people who know me expect) and specifically, articles about League of Legends (because the game is so addicting I can barely write articles on a regular basis). Also expect potential article shorts on any of these topics.

Finally, programming articles will also be released on a regular basis (Fridays, as per usual). I will likely continue down the path of Java, maybe even going into C programming later in the month. These articles are probably going to stop after late May, however.

With that said, have a good April, and I thank every one of my readers for their continued interest in my blog posts.

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