Friday, February 26, 2016

A Brief Announcement About Changes

This was going to be a lengthy article about suggesting a mechanic similar to Paragon for World of Warcraft to make up for the repeated lack of articles that would normally be over a schedule arbitrarily defined by me. However, the brainstorming is taking far longer than expected when it comes to perks, meaning the article's about 90% done. So instead, this article's going to be about casting the light of transparency on some things I've been doing behind the scenes. They aren't exactly subtle changes, but it doesn't hurt to make it all official, so here's what's happened:

Over the years I've been tweeting and streaming under the name "Mame_Interest," which served as something of a fusion between two of my commonly used screen names. However, a large part of why I chose this name is because the username "Interest" and variants of it are commonly used. After grappling with the idea of change for a while, I decided it's probably for the best to make the transition sooner rather than later. Therefore, I'm now going under whatever variant of "Interest" I was able to use on Twitter and switched my streaming channel to one I made a while ago but abandoned for the sake of consolidating my activity to a single channel. Links in the sidebar have been updated accordingly (if there does happen to be any error, please let me know).

So far I consider the change satisfactory even though I haven't been streaming at all lately (and have little plan to as of this writing) and wish my username on Twitter had fewer underscores since many of the usernames I wanted to use are held by long-dead accounts that I have no way to free the names of. I guess at the end of the day I can't complain too much since the username recognition factor is a little higher than before.

Anyways, back to finishing that article. Sorry if the tone's even more casual than usual as some semblance of professionalism will return with the aforementioned article.

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