Thursday, January 7, 2016

2016: A New Year's Plans

A new year has begun, marking close to the fourth year since I've started this blog to express my ideas and otherwise make creations I can call my own. Now that the holiday season is largely over and I've managed to find a stretch of time in which I can publish an article, I thought it'd be appropriate to post something of an update on things to come. In the interest of saving some time, I have summarized everything I could think of as briefly as possible below.

The "In Retrospect" series will continue. While I kind of stopped after doing the first part, I was planning on reviewing Wrath of the Lich King and several things happened at once, such as the beginning of my addiction to Old School Runescape and the realization that Wrath of the Lich King had a lot of notable memories to recall and I could never successfully recall enough during recordings  to a point I considered satisfactory (a problem that occurred to a lesser extend with the Burning Crusade video). As to when the next video will come out I am unsure.

Speaking of a Runescape addiction, it is only natural that I consider doing some content related to Runescape. At the moment, it's a possibility of some streaming and analytical articles. However, this is not a guarantee since I would still like to focus on WoW.

Since I haven't been streaming any League of Legends (or Heroes of the Storm or World of Warcraft) lately, I might end up doing playthroughs of one game after another, then uploading them in unlisted parts. These parts would be compiled into playlists for anyone interested in watching some gameplay and I have already created one such playlist of a game I've recently finished streaming. In addition, I've also entertained the idea of making this into a regular series since a set of unlisted playlists of unlisted playthroughs meshes pretty well with my personal nature.

In accordance with the above, I've generally had almost no interest in playing League of Legends. I may have already said this before, but unless something happens in the future that rekindles my interest in the game, I see no reason to publish any content related to the game in addition to not streaming it.

I kind of liked creating personal pieces about more overarching concept such as the gaming industry state, social concepts, and so on. The videos in particular could probably use a significant amount of improvement but I may look into doing more of this stuff (after I finish Wrath in Retrospect ideally).

That concludes the list of announcements. Next article should be something analytical about World of Warcraft since I have quite a backlog of things to analyze.

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