Wednesday, September 30, 2015

End of September Announcements: Weekday Streaming Digression and Layout Change

Back in May, I attempted a weekday streaming schedule to observe the results of doing so. Despite the fact I'm generally rather undisciplined and don't have a pertinent need to invest into passion projects (like streaming at the moment), I managed to do pretty well over the summer. However, over time, I've found that my focus was changing and my drive (especially to stream) diminishing to the point that I began to cancel some streams without sufficient reason, even though lately there have been some justified reasons for doing so as well. It's also worth noting that aspects of my life have changed and I find I need to accommodate for them. With that said, here's what's happening:

At the moment I'm considering some tentative stream time changes. Instead of starting on every weekday at around 5 PM (which turned into 6 PM over time), I'm going to attempt an earlier around 3 PM start much like when I initially started out. In addition, I'll probably go for streams on Wednesday and Thursday, though there may be times I don't stream at all or stream more frequently, with an emphasis on the former case being more likely to happen in the long run. I will also list the schedule as unofficial to further ensure that streaming is less of a focus (for the time being).

Aside from the reasons I gave above, other reasons for this change include but are not limited to:
  • A general lack of desire to increase viewership on my end (for example, I dislike self-promoting too much and usually only link the stream to my friends, who may or may not have an interest in what I'm playing).
    • This applies to far more than my stream, but it's most apparent when it comes to streaming since having no one to interact with makes for a rather unexciting stream.
  • Streaming gameplay, especially on a set schedule, generally feels more laborious and otherwise stress-incuding to me, reducing my general enthusiasm, which in turn greatly reduces the quality of the stream.
    • This especially becomes apparent when I play games off stream for several hours and realize how much fun I'm having. It also makes me wish I'd have streamed the gameplay then rather than at the set time.
  • I'm not satisfied with the general quality of the stream aside from the lack of enthusiasm. It's not really a matter of equipment (I can only upload at a specific bitrate anyways unless I'm partnered) so much as my gameplay ability is clearly slipping, especially when it comes to the MOBA games I stream.
  • I find writing articles and editing together videos a better method for discussing topics in-depth, which in turn better matches up with my analytical style. This is doable on stream but generally feels like it gets less traction and I find the analysis usually comes in the face of something that happens on stream, which may never be the case.
    • This does not mean I'll be uploading videos or publishing articles more frequently, however.
It has to be mentioned this is an issue directly attributable to me, meaning no other individual is at fault.

On an unrelated note, I'm also in the process of adjusting the layout of this blog. I've already increased the width of the post in an attempt to make the body of posts more readable and less pushed out by a sidebar full of ads and other widgets. There may be more changes in the future, such as to the background. I would love to hear feedback on this in particular since the attempt to change the layout was made in response to some criticism on the layout a while ago.

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