Monday, May 4, 2015

Announcements Once Again: Another Streaming Schedule Revision And More...

A lot of things have happened in the last few months. Some real life plans unfortunately fell through, not to mention I have greatly ruined my sleep schedule and am suffering from personal issues that make it difficult to feel passionate about activities such as streaming (though unfortunately, I haven't had a lot of passion for a while, which definitely isn't a good thing either...). Fortunately, I have a supportive group of friends and I'm at least physically healthy, so I guess there's that. Those remarks aside, after a three week "vacation," I have a few announcements.

For those who happened to tune into the stream over the last few weeks, it is apparently that I was streaming far later than the schedule indicated. While I hinted at this last week, this has been partially an experiment and partially because of real life obligations on my "vacation." Specifically, I was taking care of a dog while the owner was traveling for work. However, it was also a bit of a choice since I wanted to get my garrison management on WoW done as soon as possible to open up time for other activities, mostly to ensure I have enough gold sitting around for WoW Tokens (at this point I've bought enough to last me until 2016). This rescheduling method worked pretty well, though the streams may have been too late at night.

With that said, streams will now start at 5 PM at the latest, meaning they can start earlier. I'll probably also try to go for streaming on all of the weekdays since I was able to manage four days reasonably well due to the Hearthstone adventure release a month ago allowing me to utilize one of those days as one spent clearing the wing.

Now that I have returned to the comfort of my home, I have successfully (re)built my desktop and am well on my way to making it my main rig of use. Because of how powerful it is compared to my previous computer, my streaming quality should increase and the possibility for game choices and uploaded content to Youtube has widened vastly. This means I may end up playing more games on stream that I wasn't too comfortable with playing before due to reasons such as performance issues. It also means Youtube uploads may be more frequent since my rendering speeds, general efficiency, and quality should be better, though aside from the occasional lecture, rant, vlog, or stream highlight, I'm not decided on what direction to go with the channel (if it needs to go in another direction at all).

The increased possibilities for stream gameplay are also partially due to a waning interest in League of Legends (my article writing lately is a pretty good indication of this), thus creating a need to look for other games to play. While I will still play some League of Legends from time to time, it's more likely I'll be playing Heroes of the Storm or, until I finish as much of the Adventure Mode as I consider adequate, Hearthstone. I'm unsure what other games to play at the moment. For instance, I considered World of Warcraft, but I realized I don't have a lot of interesting gameplay to stream since I hardly raid (and garrison management and farming is boring to watch). However, other games may potentially crop up on the stream from time to time.

Speaking of content, there's one piece of content I've put off way too many times, so it'll be next on the list. I've hinted it at several times in previous videos on the channel but never got to it for a number of reasons, primarily because I'm too experienced at the art of procrastination (frankly I have no excuse). The content in question is a lecture exploring the concept of egotism, which I consider to be important for the state of general human behavior, though it largely spawned from online (gaming) interactions.

That concludes the announcements for now. As always, feedback and comments (that aren't gold selling advertisements) are heartily welcome here. For those who drop by the stream, I'll see you on Heroes of the Storm tomorrow.

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