Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Streaming Announcements For The Next Two Months

Winter seems to really be setting in this year. The days seem to get darker much sooner than normal and the weather has gotten bad enough that the place where I live, which rarely suffers power outage issues, lost power for the better part of the day at the very least as the cold set in. Fortunately, Thanksgiving is approaching and much feasting will be had in the places where it's celebrated (though I'll probably also be making the feast itself as well). However, for me Thanksgiving marks the beginning of a rough season of work and the holidays, meaning my streaming schedule will inevitably be affected. Here's what's happening over the next few months:
  • Later today (as of this writing, so Tuesday the 25th) I will be unable to stream on time due to work reasons, though a stream will happen at a later time within the day. An announcement will be made on Twitter stating when the stream begins.
  • There will be no stream on Wednesday. I will be working for the entire day due to Thanksgiving the following day, which alters my work schedule. A stream may be done on Thanksgiving instead, but no guarantees on that.
  • Starting from December 15th to January 5th, streams will be tentative due to visiting family and friends. I may stream or may not stream on a given day and an announcement on Twitter will determine whether or not I will be streaming that day (if no tweet is made, then there will be no stream on that day).
  • After January 5th to an undetermined date that will probably be within a month of it I will be trying to stream as often as possible, trying to go for streams on every weekday at roughly the same time as I do for the three days I stream. The schedule will be updated to reflect this change at that time.
  • At the undetermined date I will go on a hiatus as I move to a new location that may take as little as a day or two to a week or longer, depending on internet access and the like. The stream schedule will also change sometime down the line as I adjust to life at the new location.
Have a great Thanksgiving/Pilgrim's Bounty if you celebrate it!

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