Friday, September 5, 2014

Another Stream Schedule Revision and More...

It's been a little over a month since I've last made announcements related to my stream. As mentioned in that article, a week of inactivity has come and gone and the revised schedule has worked out reasonably well. However, real life activity and some critical thinking have led to some additional changes that will take place after I take another week of vacation. This means that next week I will not be streaming (on the dates 9/8-9/10).

As for the schedule revision, League of Legends streams will now start at 1 PM Pacific instead of 3:30 PM Pacific. I decided it's probably a lot better this way so I don't run around grabbing food and inevitably starting streams late like I am consistently at the moment. I'm also trying to prune out my playlist of songs that may trigger VOD muting due to Twitch's new audio recognition in favor of more non-copyrighted works (shout-out to people who openly allow the usage of their music for content creation, by the way - you all are awesome). By doing this, viewers who might not make the early afternoon streams can enjoy the content afterwards while I attend to other business in the evening (which is another reason for the stream time revision).

Aside from that I am probably not streaming Hearthstone a sufficient amount. I have been trying to do some earlier morning or noon streams and while I did finish up Curse of Naxxramas on Normal, I have many bosses left to defeat on Heroic. I will likely end up defeating them on stream while doing some arena and the like.

There will also be an upcoming announcement of Hearthstone videos and on my Youtube channel. While I still have to make a video reflecting that announcement that I will then upload to inform subscribers, I have a lot of unlisted Hearthstone content I've been wanting to make public for a while due to a major lack of League of Legends clips to highlight from those streams (I guess Hearthstone is much more prone to highlight bait).

Finally, while I'm not writing that publishing that many articles, I do have quite a few lines up that I should hopefully get out at a more rapid pace:

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