Saturday, July 19, 2014

More Stream Announcements: Minor Schedule Revision, Hearthstone Stream Update, And Maybe More Games?

It's been over a month since the last announcements for my stream, mostly resulting from some events in real life that made it more difficult to stream four times a week without adding weekend streams. After experimenting with the slightly revised stream schedule and the addition of Hearthstone, I have decided to make a few revisions to the stream schedule. In addition, I received some criticism regarding the content I stream and would like to address it. In the following paragraphs, I will go over each topic in greater detail.

While there are some personal reasons for this change, the weekend stream time starts were very inconsistent due to real life reasons. This inconsistency results in a disconnect between me and the viewers in terms of when the stream is up to watch, as I don't expect viewers to use Twitter or follow me on Twitter (not to mention Twitch isn't too great at showing when streamers you follow are streaming on the front page). As a result of these facts, I have decided to make the weekend stream more of an optional event as opposed keeping to the "four League of Legends streams a week" that I was attempting to adhere to. Having the three weekday streams each week (though they are probably shorter than I would like) is solid in terms of consistency.

After trying to stream Hearthstone on a regular basis that isn't quite a set schedule I found it isn't too conducive to the pattern I play the game. While a daily routine is great, forcing myself to try to stream every day (or almost every day) rapidly became more of a chore as opposed to an enjoyable experience. With this observation in mind, I feel the quality of the stream would be better if I streamed Hearthstone when I feel like doing my dailies or an arena run (which I almost always want to commentate so that I can explain my reasoning for card draft choices and gameplay decisions) as opposed to making it seem like a mandatory activity. On the other hand, since Curse of Naxxramas is coming out in a few days, there may be a lot more Hearthstone activity on the channel.

Finally, I asked a few friends for criticism regarding my stream. The criticism that seemed to be most prominent among them was adding more games to the roster. While I won't pretend that monetizing the Twitch stream isn't some sort end goal I think about, after much deliberation, I realized I may want to reconsider my priorities by not trying too hard to force my stream to become a source of income (however minor it would probably be) and have a little fun instead. While I'm not sure how many more games I will stream at this time, my increasing activity in World of Warcraft makes it a good candidate for potentially adding to the roster of streamed content. In addition, my second stream will probably be put out of commission in favor of streaming almost everything to my main channel. I will make some revisions to my profiles on Twitch (and Twitter) as I figure out whether to expand from League of Legends and Hearthstone.

That's pretty much it in terms of announcements at this time. It is also worth mentioning that it is extremely unlikely I will be able to stream during late August to early September due to personal reasons. I apologize in advance.

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