Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Stream-Related Announcements: Time Revisions and Addition of Hearthstone

As mentioned in my previous set of announcements, I anticipated that I may have to make additional announcements, mostly ones related to my stream. While I didn't expect to have to do so so soon, I managed to find more work so it is now necessary to revise my stream times. I have also considered other outlets besides League of Legends in terms of streaming content and after much deliberation, I believe I have an ideal game to add to the schedule. With that said, let's go through these announcements individually.

First of all, my new line of work lands on a Thursday, meaning it would be impossible to stream on that day with the current schedule. Therefore, the time of that day slot is being changed to Saturday or Sunday. I will announce on Twitter as to when my stream is about to start so if you are actively following my stream I would highly recommend keeping on eye on my updates for weekend streams. The exact time these streams start are also unknown due to various reasons, such as general availability to commentate. In addition, the times for the Monday-Wednesday streams have been pushed to 3:30 PM to better reflect the time I actually start my streams. I simply prefer to start the streams later and have noticed activity picks up during later hours (though I would still recommend keeping an eye on Twitter for updates).

Secondly, as the tags and title of this article might imply, I will likely be adding Hearthstone to my streaming schedule (starting next week as of this posting). However, unlike with League of Legends, the frequency and time of this stream will not be set. The only thing that will likely be consistent is that the stream will be every day and not that long since I'll probably log on to do dailies and maybe some arena. These streams will not be announced on Twitter. These streams have a good chance of not having commentary either, as they will often be later into the night when attempting to commentate will cause noise disruption and the like. I will mark streams (all my streams) with "Silent" or otherwise to indicate there is no commentary during that particular streaming session, though in the case of Hearthstone I will likely still interact through the chat. This is all subject to change based on how interested viewers are in the Hearthstone content (though I'm not exactly the best or knowledgeable player).

And those are the announcements for now. Also I was out of town for the weekend and various things came up last week that disrupted my streaming schedule but that should all be resolved now (especially with these announcements to sort things out).

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