Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Legacy Tags Added, Diablo 3 Articles Making A Return, and Other Announcements

It's that time once again where I have some announcements to make. This time it's mostly to clear up the deadwood of previous statements regarding implementations to my blog, not to mention old articles that are rather time-consuming to keep up to date. Beyond that, I have plans to return to articles related to Diablo 3 because I'm playing its expansion, Reaper of Souls and find there may be a lot of articles to write about the game due to numerous issues and many opportunities to make suggestions. Besides that, there are some other brief announcements to be made, so let's get into it.

A lot of my blog articles are getting very old. Some are so embarrassingly out of date that I have put some serious thought into deleting them, such as with the programming articles and newbie guides (for WoW). However, instead of doing this, I have opted to add a "Legacy" tag to these articles. While most of my older articles should have the date of the posting taken into consideration, the Legacy tags should help reinforce the fact I am probably not going to touch those articles even if they are riddled with mistakes and misinformation.

On older content, I once hinted at the possibility of adding an agenda or some sort of calendar indicating upcoming articles. This has been completely scrapped (though honestly since it hasn't been put in for almost a year or something, it was only a matter of time before I announced this officially. Not only can I just post articles up to Twitter or announce when I'm working on articles, but writing blog articles isn't quite as much a focus now as other content creation-related activities such as streaming. The feedback page will remain, however.

Speaking of writing articles, Diablo 3 has gotten interesting in the last few months, especially with the revamped systems added in the patches prior to the release of Reaper of Souls. There were numerous quality of life updates that included smart loot that make the game a lot more enjoyable. However, at the same time some issues remain, particularly with the new content the expansion brings. While I'm sure Blizzard will end up patching issues, there is some potential room to implement suggestions from players (and there are many good ones, though too many to link). This gives me an opportunity to suggest some additions and changes to the game that I feel would improve it.

I would also like to throw out the possibility of some other minor changes. For instance, I may put a hiatus on the Warcraft 3 Reminiscence series (this is really more of a formality since I haven't written one for ages). Start times on my stream may also be adjusted again because apparently starting streaming an hour earlier (even though I almost never start on time anyways, to be honest) may be more of a detriment.

That's about it for now. There may be further announcements so check around though the next article is probably going to be some analytical or video content.

Follow-up Edit: So apparently Diablo 3 has gotten boring. I guess writing Diablo 3 analysis articles didn't last long...

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