Monday, February 3, 2014

Stream Schedule Change Announcement (Again)

Over the last several months (besides all the others things I do or fail to do) I've been wondering how to grow my stream and make it more convenient to watch. While I have been featured a few times and received a solid growth in followers, the concurrent viewers I get doesn't increase much. While this may be an issue with the stream's quality and so on, I feel a step I need to take is to improve the communication between myself and the viewer (both on the stream by responding to chat and by notifying people as to when my streams begin). The former requires me to become more attentive and to train myself to answer questions viewers may have. The latter is largely the reason for this particular article.

As of this writing, I have modified the widget showing my stream status on the right to include a link to my Twitter. This was an old account originally set up to be linked to Twitch but I forgot about it because for some reason my Twitter sign-ins kept expiring. One other thing worth noting is my schedule has changed slightly. I am now streaming on Thursday and may potentially begin streaming on any of the four listed days (Monday through Thursday) at 3 PM Pacific. However, the provided times are far more tentative than before and I urge you to follow my Twitter if you are interested in knowing when I start streaming. Who knows? I may do surprise streams from time to time (though unfortunately it's not likely).

(On a related note, I'm trying to come clean and finding ways to get permission to use music for my stream while hunting down soundtracks that are royalty-free in a sense like MachinimaSounds. If anyone has something that could point me towards either of these objectives that would be fantastic!)

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