Friday, January 17, 2014

WoW Analysis: Priest's Prayer of Healing

One thing I usually try to stay away from when writing articles, despite enjoying the discussions that arise, are classes and class balance. This has especially been the case with WoW Analysis since there are usually general issues about that can be addressed. However, this short article will cover a class-related issue that has bothered me for a while mostly because while I feel there is a significant design flaw, the change I want is potentially controversial.

As the article's title suggests, I am speaking of the Priest's Prayer of Healing spell. In its current incarnation, the spell heals a single 5-man group, which means the Priest's party, half of a 10-man raid, or a a fifth of a 25-man raid. In addition, out of the targets that meet the previous criteria, they must also be within 30 yards of the initial target to receive healing. This design makes Prayer of Healing the only group healing spell that isn't a smart heal. However, while the potential solution is simple (change the healed allies from the target's group to heal based on the most damaged allies instead, excluding or including the target), with the existence of Spirit Shell, this may not be a desired change for Discipline Priests.

With that in mind, the best solution I can think of is a toggle that allows a Priest to choose between a party-heal Prayer of Healing and a smart-heal Prayer of Healing.

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