Tuesday, January 14, 2014

World of Warcraft: Quick Tips for Ordos

The Timeless Isle is a dangerous place featuring 5.4's world bosses, which serve as an excellent source of loot for almost all walks of players. This means that strategies and tips devised for the Celestials and Ordos have been done to death. However, time and time again I have noticed a few secrets and tricks remain almost unknown, while other times, basic advice is ignored. Therefore, I'm writing this brief article so I can have something to link to so I don't have to type things like "stop moving Ordos" every time I join a raid.
  • Firstly, for all those who don't like running all over around the Timeless Isle to reach the Ordon Sanctuary and don't mind taking a durability hit, instead use your travel method of choice to reach the point shown above that is behind the Ordon Sanctuary. While in the Time-Lost Waters zone, you can use a flying mount to fly high into the air and skydive into Ordon Sanctuary (you still need a legendary cloak on your account). If you have any method to reduce or negate falling damage, it is highly advised (especially slowfall if you want to glide onto the platform where Ordos resides). Be careful about aggroing the boss!
    • It is worth noting that if you die from trying this trick, releasing puts you in the graveyard near the Ordon Sanctuary. You can then opt to run back to your corpse and skip all the annoying trash mobs! No more Kilnmasters in the raid group.
    • This shortcut helps a lot for those groups that pull the boss without summoning the entire group. It can mean the difference between getting the tag for loot and having to find another group.
  • Secondly, Ordos uses an ability called Burning Soul. This ability essentially turns the target into a Baron Geddon style Living Bomb, blowing up the target and anyone nearby. However, the knockup effect can be completely by standing under the braziers on either side of Ordos (refer to the first picture). 
    • Try to get on the far side of the brazier (depends on where Ordos is tanked) so you don't blow up a bunch of your raid.
  • Finally, and most importantly, DO NOT MOVE ORDOS. This is incredibly important for the reasons listed below Edit: As of Patch 6.0.2 Ordos's Pool of Fire does a lot more damage overall. It's now a good idea to move the boss.
    • While Pool of Fire is supposed to deal 50,000 Fire damage per second, it instead does less than a third of that damage, making it incredibly negligible for healers to heal through, thus rendering the need to move Ordos moot. The effect doesn't stack either (or from what I recall), though it may cause some major frame drops (though having Pools of Fire all over the platform probably doesn't help much).
    • On that note, it is worth mentioning healers generally favor healing a stacked raid as opposed to a spread raid. Moving Ordos means the healers have to move all their ground aoe heals and so on.
    • Ordos's Magma Crush ability splits damage between enemies in range of the ability. However, if Ordos is moved, the ability may only hit the tank or a few melee, instantly resulting in a lot of death.
Hopefully this will be of help to someone. I'm going to enjoy linking this every Tuesday.

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