Monday, December 30, 2013

(Very Brief) WoW Analysis: Winter Veil Disguise Kit

Winter Veil is a fun event that essentially brings the Christmas spirit to Azeroth, completely with presents and snow themes. While the event has aged and not received a lot of updates lately, that issue  has been complained about so much for every holiday event in World of Warcraft so thus it's not worth writing an article on. Instead, this article will focus on a very small product of negligence related to this event that has existed for years. For a good idea of what this negligence is, I provide the following picture:
By doing some of the quests for the Winter Veil event, players receive a nice permanent costume item that turns the user into a snowman: the Winter Veil Disguise Kit. However, for players who have taken part in the event more than once, which is common due to the fact the daily quest associated with this mailed reward also awards exclusive vanity items, including certain battle pets, they run into a minor annoyance: the mail can't be deleted. The workarounds for this are to either delete the Winter Veil Disguise Kit the player already has since the item is unique then loot the item out of the mailbox or allow the mail to expire naturally, taking up space in your mailbox for the next month.

This nitpick of a problem can easily be fixed in a short time (allow mails like this to be deleted). In fact, I'm deliberately publishing this article near the end of the event in the hope that by the time Winter Veil rolls around next year, the issue is fixed. I don't have high expectations, however, since such an issue would be considered low priority at best and ignored at worst despite the fact it probably takes 0.1 man-hours to fix.

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