Sunday, October 20, 2013

So I Guess I Was Lying...A Couple Announcements

A couple months ago I put up a post with a video detailing my potential plans for things such as the future of this blog and the stream. However, plans aren't static and are in fact quite prone to change. Given the activities I've been doing the past few weeks, I feel it's time to change a couple things, as I'll state below.

Apparently World of Warcraft is a lot more fun again. This is pretty typical for any content update and I expected to get bored within a month or so. What I didn't anticipate is how enjoyable doing something like Flexible Raiding could be. It is so enjoyable I have a regular group every week that cuts a little into my Wednesday stream. Because it would be pretty lame to play one game then end the stream, on Wednesday I'll try my best to start the stream an hour earlier (3 PM Pacific instead of 4). This time may change back later on. Also worth noting is there will be a Wednesday stream cancellation in the distant future as well (in over a month) due to Thanksgiving-related stuff.

In addition, many recurring issues in World of Warcraft, while seemingly small and insignificant, need to be highlighted in my opinion, much like in League of Legends. Because of that and the fact I'm running low on material to write about from League of Legends (at least any that would be worth writing about at the current time) and short articles like Analysis articles can be put out at a more rapid rate, I am adding World of Warcraft Analysis to the roster as a potential article series in the future. This does not mean I will be writing any other World of Warcraft-related articles (or at the very least, no more patch reviews).

That's pretty much it for now. Also expect a couple articles this week (with video), including one related to me reaching my minimum goal for the current League of Legends season...

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