Sunday, May 19, 2013

Warcraft 3 Reminiscence: Liquid Tower Defense

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When I started playing Warcraft 3 a long time ago, my first experience was with a friend who already had the game. After watching him for a bit I asked if I could have a go and he finds me a random custom map to play. This map happened to be Liquid Tower Defense.


While it's nothing special nowadays, Liquid Tower Defense was the first map to introduce me to one of the typical "tower defense" formulas. It featured specific areas where a player is designated to build, multiple builder types to choose from, and the typical wave after wave of enemies that must be stopped before they reach the end. 

Later on, Liquid Tower Defense innovated by adding multiple spawn points with smaller waves so every player gets a piece of the action and doesn't end up gold-starved purely because they either couldn't kill enough of the larger waves in previous versions or didn't get enough to kill because they were the "last builder," (though there was a slight gold compensation to the last builder to make up for it) which meant their towers stopped any "leaks" that other players had, which could mean they get nothing to kill at all. It also made each wave noticeably faster, making Liquid Tower Defense games faster.

Final Words

While my first game on the match rapidly descended into trolling the other players by making towers in their spots, Liquid Tower Defense would lead to me playing many more TDs until I eventually found I enjoyed another specific type of map.

Beyond that, there's not really much else to say. When it comes down to it, Liquid Tower Defense is simply another "TD" map. It might be worth a try if you're willing to play solo as the "last builder" much like Skibi's, since this map is rarely, if ever, hosted.

Sorry, no screenshot for this one.

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