Friday, May 3, 2013

New Article Series: Warcraft III Custom Map Overviews!

While it's all too apparent nowadays, I don't particularly have too many article ideas, especially ones I can realistically write at the moment. I do have several planned, but most are essentially the equivalent of long-term projects. In addition, while working my way to Platinum ELO on League of Legends and struggling to keep myself relevant gear-wise in World of Warcraft, I don't have as much time as I'd like to get said projects done, thus limiting me to short articles if I want to even publish anything in a given week.

Because the World of Warcraft Newbie Guide series is coming to a close (for now, at least, mostly because I can't think of much more a newbie would need to know prior to the level cap) and to help alleviate the issue I mentioned above, I am going to start writing short articles about the Warcraft III custom game scene. These articles will recount my experiences with specific, memorable maps.

Many of these maps were games in themselves and, in my opinion, would make excellent standalone games. In addition to potentially promoting the creation of standalone games based off custom maps (that aren't DotA), I also hope to help either revive the dying Warcraft III custom game scene or promote the creation of some of these maps for Starcraft II to promote that custom game scene instead.

With that, I introduce the Warcraft III Reminiscence Series!

Below this point is a table of contents containing maps I have reviewed:

Skibi's Castle TD
Liquid Tower Defense
Vampirism Revolution (9.7)
Vampirism 7.5/7.9
Teamline Tower Wars (TLTW) 
Castle Defense 
Wilderness Survival 
Tank Wars/Battletanks

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