Monday, March 4, 2013

World of Warcraft Newbie Guide 3x: What Happens When I Die?

Given how the death systems in video games vary significantly, it is good to know whether World of Warcraft is one of those games that imposes a harsh death penalty or not. In addition, the first death experience often involves having no idea how to come back to life. So let's say for instance you die at some point (your health reaches zero). You would get a screen like this:
At this point you need to release your spirit to a nearby graveyard. You will automatically do so after a time so don't panic if you suddenly see something like this:
Quite a contrast, isn't it?
From this point you have to understand the penalties of dying. Before level 10, you only have to run back to your corpse, which can be found by following an arrow on the minimap until you get close enough to your corpse to resurrect (if you die too often there will be a delay on resurrecting). After level 10, your equipment will also suffer damage, which is important since you will eventually have to repair your equipment. You can skim the second part of the starting zone articles to find out how to repair equipment.

If for some reason you have trouble finding your corpse, you can talk to the Spirit Healer to resurrect (if you ran from the graveyard, click the Return to Graveyard button at the top to go back), giving you a prompt like this:
While you suffer no penalty (besides the potential inconvenience of having no clue where you are) for resurrecting prior to level 10, after level 10 your equipment (including anything in your bags) suffers damage and you suffer a significant decrease to your ability to deal damage (and perform in general) for up to 10 minutes, so use this sparingly.

Some players can also gain the ability to resurrect other players, so if you receive a prompt that you were resurrected, you can accept the request to resurrect immediately without searching for your corpse, though you will resurrect with less health and the resurrection is still subject to delays (if you die too often).

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