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World of Warcraft Newbie Guide 3H: The Orc's Starting Area Second Half

Now that you have finished the class trainer's quest from before, you should go pick up the other two quests that are available.
Since the latter quest is a little closer in terms of accessibility, let's go whack some slacking Peons!
Firstly, find some of the slacking peons. You'll generally find them nearby the logs that are scattered all over the Valley of Trials. Once you find one, look to the right side of your User Interface, you will see the Objectives. Under the Objectives, you will see the quests you are on. Next to the latter quest you will see the icon shown above which is linked to the item you received to do the quest. You can conveniently click the button as if you were using the item, thus waking up the slacking Peons. Alternatively, you can open your inventory with "B" and right click the item to use it or even drag it onto the Actionbar and use it like an ability.

Once you are done waking up the Peons, it's time to hunt some Scorpids. You will find them close to where the Boars were (and you can check the map if you need some help).
Defeating these is pretty similar to defeating previous monsters, although they can afflict a weak damaging poison. Make sure to loot these monsters for the quest items. Once you get enough of the Scorpid tails, return to the quest givers to turn in your two quests:
Upon completing these quests, you should be level 4.

The Deadliest Scorpid In The Valley

You should now have two more quests available to do from the NPCs in the hub, as shown below:
However, before heading out, you should check out the hub a bit. When you look around, you'll find vendors in these areas:
These vendors, when interacted with, can buy items from you and sell you some goods. While I will go into detail on them a bit more in the future, knowing how to use the vendors is important. You can right click items in the vendor's window or your inventory to buy or sell items, respectively. Some vendors may have an anvil on mouseover instead of a bag to indicate they are a vendor that can repair your equipment, which comes into play later.

Now that you've sold any excess items (and bought new items, though I would not recommend doing that), let us go do the quests! Firstly you should find the NPC named Hana'zua. You can check your map in order to find him, though he's just past to farms under a tree.
As you can see, he has a quest, which he gives to you automatically when you finish the quest to find him.
Personally I found Sarkoth tough to find, though quest objectives weren't shown on the map when I started playing. Fortunately, you can look at the map to find him by going up the incline to the left of the tree (assuming you came from the previous quest-givers). Sarkoth is a little different because he can create pools of poison like this:
It is important to avoid these as they can cause quite a bit of pain. It's a good lesson to know for the future as well as mechanics like this are essential in more difficult content.

Once you defeat Sarkoth, loot his claw and return to Hana'zua.
Upon giving him the claw, you will be assigned another quest from him.
However, this quest involves returning to the original hub you were at. As there is another quest to do, don't go back but instead head towards the location of the imps known as Vile Familiars, which is close to your current location.
Defeat several of these to complete this quest. One thing you may notice is that they shoot fire at you and while doing so, there will be something that shows up under the enemy's health bar (notably at the top left). This is known as a cast bar, which will be discussed later.

Upon finishing the quest, return to the quest-givers once again for your reward:
As you may have noticed, the latter quest awards a bag, as you can see here:
When there's empty "bag slots" new bags you obtain will be equipped. They are able to hold as many items as there are "slots" for the bags (note that some items can be stacked to a point). As you can see, this bag can hold 6 items. As you progress you can get larger and larger bags. You can replace a bag by moving a bag into a bag slot (cannot replace the bag slot of the bag it's currently in, as bags can contain bags). Some bags may hold only hold certain items.

The completion of these quests will unlock the final set of quests needed to finish up the Valley of Trials.

Time For Spelunking

The two quests that can be taken will taken you to a cave filled with demons, as shown below:
The cave in question is nearby the Vile Familiars you killed earlier. Right from the opening of the cave you will find Felstalkers to defeat. However, finding the enemy with the Burning Blade Medallion will require a thorough exploration of the cave until you find this enemy:
You must defeat this Orc known as Yarrog Baneshadow to obtain the quest item. While exploring, you should also look for the Pick for the second quest. It will usually show up here:
Now that you've finished both quests, return to the quest givers to finish the quests up:
Sorry. This was the best screenshots I had of this.
You have now finished the Valley of Trials. By now you should be level 5 and there's only a couple things left to do...

Leaving the Valley

The first thing you should do is get the quest to leave the Valley of Trials, which will direct you to an area called Sen'jin Village, which is located in the main part of the zone you are in, known as Durotar.
However, before running off, you should go to your class trainer and learn any more spells that might be available for you. In the case of the Warrior, Victory Rush is learnable at level 5 (this will be learned automatically. There is no need to go to your trainer):
Now that you are fully prepared. Travel along the road leaving the area...
And head out the rocky gates...
You are now in the greater area of Durotar, with the Sen'jin Village in the distance, where the next step of your adventure begins...

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