Sunday, March 3, 2013

"Important" Announcement: Don't Panic, Stream Schedule Change, and More!

If you've been on the blog within a last few hours, you may have noticed a staggering number of articles being posted. Many of these articles (for those who have been regularly viewing the blog) are "reposts." The reason I am reposting these is because they were originally static web pages but I discovered that Blogger only allows 20 such web pages, so I am freeing up a little space in case I need to use static web pages for something important.

As a result of this, a lot of links in various articles may be broken. While I tried to fix them all, I may have missed some links. Therefore, if you come across a broken link, just post a comment somewhere pointing me to the article and the broken link.

On another note, I am changing my streaming times by a bit. I am dropping streaming for Monday and Thursday. The new schedule will be Tuesday and Wednesday starting from 7:00 PM PST onward (probably for about 2-3 hours - keep in mind these are times I am guaranteed to stream and I may stream at other times anyways). This is because of a variety of reasons, which I will list below:
  • Monday is the day right after I finish the most difficult part of the week in terms of my work, so I tend to be really tired and it shows on the stream. Thursday is the day before the most difficult part of the week, and consecutive streaming days takes its toll on me as well to the point I usually do shorter and shorter streams over the week.
  • More importantly, no one's really viewing my stream. While this is largely because I haven't advertised it anywhere (I'm planning to advertise when I reach Platinum V, and I'm currently at the bottom of Gold III as of this article's posting), I just feel no one's interested in bothering with the sidebar widgets or anything like that (this, unfortunately, makes me really sad but I'm not going to force it).
  • Patch 5.2 on World of Warcraft is coming out soon. As you'll see from my patch overview that should be out shortly after the patch hits, there is a ton of content being introduced. Because of this I will be playing a lot more World of Warcraft, which I can't stream (I lose frames if I do it).
  • Finally, I have other projects I want to work on, such as a specific Youtube video, some practice runs of games (I'm definitely not potentially planning to do a Let's Play in the extremely distant future at all...), and other private projects. These projects and streaming are currently detracting a significant amount from writing up new articles (I don't have a lot of time these days).
Hopefully no one will be bothered by the schedule change (if you are, feel free to comment). lol as if anyone will actually do that.

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