Tuesday, February 5, 2013

I Am Now Streaming!

It is now about a month after my article celebrating the new year and giving some information about the future of the blog, among other things. One of the features I mentioned was coming in the near future is streaming. After much testing (and awesome feedback from the people who watched my test streams - thank you very much to those who did), I am now opening the stream, which will be on Twitch.tv, for anyone interested.

The content will largely consist of League of Legends gameplay. The commentary will either be solo (somewhat rare) or with groups of my friends. The latter will largely be dialogue between me and my friends that I hope you will find entertaining. However, because I can't (and really don't have the right to have) control of my friends and, while I can usually control my tongue some profanities and trash talk slip out, I am going to give a mild content warning as there will probably be swearing and so on. In addition, I am going to give a volume warning for various reasons (maniacal laughter being one of them).

In terms of a schedule, I plan on streaming from Monday-Thursday starting at around 7:00 PM Pacific time (subject to change, though I will give warning when I do) along with some additional streaming at other random times, such as during early morning hours or during the weekends. The stream may go on for about an hour or longer depending on circumstance (so you will at least get to watch a couple League matches). This schedule isn't set in stone. Therefore, for those interested in watching, I have added a widget to the right side that will show whether my stream is online or not and you can click it to go straight to the stream for viewing.

The widget looks like this (credit to this video for showing me about this awesome code - also make sure to refresh the page to get the proper status as it doesn't dynamically update):

Hope to see you there!

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