Sunday, January 6, 2013

Welcome to the Year 2013 - What's On The Horizon

A new year is now upon us and the trials of the last year, whether it was surviving the 21st of December or something else, are now in the past. With the new year comes resolution, mostly with the promise of a "clean slate" and the ideal that one can only do better this year than the last, for that is the meaning of progression. (At least that's what I think when I see a new year come around.)

Thus, with the new year that brings about specific traditions and in my case, a new job that will have me out of the house every day without fail, I guess I should talk about the future of my blog and things related to it.

About Article Releases

Firstly, the amount of articles that I've been writing has been on a decline. This is intended as I focus on writing specific article series while adding some various additional articles on relevant topics (mostly on gaming). The reduced amount of articles is also partially related to the jobs I've been finding lately. As I acclimate to my work, the amount of articles may increase slightly.

On a related note,  I have completely stopped writing about certain topics lately. One example is Diablo 3, which I haven't written an article about in months. This is largely due to the fact that the game seems to be waning significantly in level of interest. At the very least, I am not as interested in the game nowadays and don't even touch it. I feel I've gone as far as I can with the game and unless there's a strong reason to return to the game (i.e. massive content update), I don't see myself playing Diablo 3 or writing articles about it.

About Projects and Non-Article Releases

While the agenda I promised to release some months ago still hasn't been made, it is still in the works but isn't high priority. I have some other things on my plate that might match up well with the release of an agenda that will require a lot of preparation, especially with my job. The major new feature is highly likely to be streaming here or here (of League of Legends plus some other games - hopefully I can find a way to stream without killing my framerate. Update - I just found a solution). While I have this in the works already (complete with a page on this blog that will have the stream embedded), I'm a long way from streaming to the public (numerous tests related to bandwidth and quality need to be made, still have to get a decent schedule going for streaming, etc).

There's a couple ongoing projects on this blog that I made, mostly later last year, that seem unfinished. I have, as far as I am concerned, finished all the projects for now excluding the Master Yi guide for League of Legends.  The guide is mostly updated for Season 3 but I'm adding some additional content that will be helpful for aspiring Master Yi players. I'll be making a video detailing item build revisions shortly before I consider the guide completed for Season 3.

As for future projects, I don't have much for the blog that isn't part of an ongoing article series (just several articles such as for the WoW Newbie Guide, League Analysis, and articles mostly related to WoW and League of Legends), but I do have something in mind. Feel free to take a guess as to what I might be working on (based on this list)

Final Statements

Besides all that, I only have one last thing to say. I am really glad that so many individuals view my blog on a regular basis. While 15,000 views may not be that much, it's definitely a lot more than I expected within a year (and there are clearly some "regulars" since the daily views are pretty consistent). I wish you all a good 2013.

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