Wednesday, October 3, 2012

World of Warcraft Short: It Doesn't Make Me Angry

One thing that I was hyped up for in the Mists of Pandaria was world bosses. While Cataclysm did have its share of world bosses, they didn't spawn that often and were often tucked away and easy to kill with small groups. Fortunately, lessons were learned and large-scale world bosses came back, showing up quite early on the beta, though they didn't have any notable loot for a few months. As I mentioned in a previous short, I managed to down both of these world bosses, receiving a couple item level 496 epics (same as craftable epic items and equivalent to Heart of Fear or Terrace of the Endless Spring loot) for my troubles.

While I was unable to obtain any footage of Galleon due to world PvP and the fight being extremely long as a result, I did capture some Sha of Anger footage. I didn't do too well since I still wasn't sure how to optimally play Hunter and I blatantly began to ignore the boss' mechanics (mind control, etc) as the fight approached its conclusion. I was mildly surprised the fight took 5 minutes given how many adds there were and how much health the boss had (over 260 million). Sadly, I didn't win anything besides gold for my troubles (I did win some equipment prior to this from the other world boss though, so it all balances out I guess).

Besides that, I have one thing to say about this video: Turn down the sound (I had the volume high so I could listen to the boss' music).

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