Tuesday, July 17, 2012

World of Warcraft Newbie Guide 3: The First Few Levels

Now that you've chosen your realm is your character is created, there are a number of directions I could go in terms of instruction. The way I have chosen follows the logic that a good example supersedes any number of theoretical explanations. While I will go into explanation of various aspects of the game from the game menu to the Dungeon Finder, I felt it should follow the introduction to the World of Warcraft.

That is why in this article I will go through the Human and Orc starting zones as a Warrior. Other racial starting zones are pretty similar overall and each class' experiences will be somewhat similar at the lower levels. So let us begin. Click the starting zone you would like to explore below:

Though I cover many topics while going through the starting areas, I don't go over some parts (like dealing with death). Therefore, if you have questions or feedback, feel free to comment below.

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