Friday, July 13, 2012

World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria Beta - Looks Like I'm Leaving The Laptop On Overnight...

So lately I've been playing a lot more World of Warcraft now that the Diablo 3 hype is over. With it, I've also decided to do a little more beta (though I'm not quite level 90 yet), but since any information I would report would be weeks old, I've abstained from making articles on beta in favor of other articles. However, I decided to mess around on the beta today and was met with this:
This is a PATCH - I am not reinstalling the beta client.
Yes. You're looking at something of a 20 GB patch that's just been put onto the beta. I thought maybe Blizzard was just joking around, but they're being absolutely serious. Aside from some features they're implementing or enabling on the beta tonight, such as Pet Battles, I have a hypothesis on what this patch might bring. I personally think that aside from implementing a lot of new beta content, the game engine itself may have been updated, hence why the patch is the size of the game file's current size (more or less) at the current time. However, do not quote me on this as it is a complete guess.

With that, I wish all of you beta testers luck getting this patch applied. You may want to leave your computer on overnight since it's essentially the same thing as installing World ofWarcraft all over again...(but at least the download is pretty fast for me).

Update: According to MMO-Champion, the beta is now at 5.0.3 from 5.0.1, but that still doesn't seem to explain why the entire client needs to be re-downloaded (as according to the Official Forum thread, it replaces the entire current beta folder).

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