Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A New Beginning

A new year has begun. With a new year comes new things to do. For my own "resolution" for this year of 2012, if one may call it that, I have decided to begin a blog, which you are now reading.

About Myself

So who am I? I go by the screen name of "Interest." I've only been using it for a few years, yet it caught on and became rapidly infectious and I use it almost everywhere possible these days.

I am what one may call a gamer. Usually I play the MMORPG known as World of Warcraft. However, with the declining popularity of the game, I have been finding myself playing more and more other games as of late. What often happens is I purchase a game, usually through Steam, and play it. If it catches my interest, I try to finish the game, usually as quickly as possible. The cycle repeat constantly for me, although sometimes I return to games I may have purchased some time before periodically. As a result, I now describe myself as a "power gamer" in the sense I try to beat games as fast as I can as much as I can.

Why A Blog?

Besides the fact I made it something of a New Years' resolution, there are a many other reasons I want to start this blog.
  • Firstly, as some viewers may know from my posting on other sites such as Wowhead, I have a tendency to create large-scale posts that display my ideas. This takes up valuable space from that domain and I feel guilty about it. In addition, it may be my work, but it hardly feels like my own and a forum doesn't seem like the best place to express such ideas. Because of that, I plan to post (and possibly repost) content to this blog instead.
  • Following up on that, while the Wowhead forums are great, the BBCode limitations are not. Although I could write guides (which have less BBCode restrictions), I still cannot post images, among other things. With a blog like this, there should be few, if any, limitations. Besides, a good amount of my posted work isn't something that belongs in a guide.
  • With a blog, I can learn to program slightly better. Already, I have noticed it's possible to write these blogs in HTML format. I remember a bit of HTML from my younger years and hopefully, using some HTML to write these blog posts will help me improve. It isn't like programming in Java or C, but heck, it's something, right?
  • Shameless advertising of Youtube content. I do own a Youtube channel, so I can post about my posted content and link people to it from here without feeling too guilty as I am no longer shamelessly advertising on another site that doesn't feel so personal. You're already here, reading my content, after all =).
  • Money is another factor behind blogging. If I can make money by blogging, that's less work I need to put into a job I might not want to do. I may even get a Youtube partnership for further revenue, hopefully assisted by blogging about my uploaded content.
  • With a blog, I can build potential credibility. Hopefully someone seeing the contents of my blog posts may take sudden interest to it. In addition, it may be good material for a resume - who knows?
What to Expect

As a gamer first, I will often post articles about gaming. This will usually be reviews, my opinions on some form of gaming design (most likely World of Warcraft, but this is subject to change), and other relevant articles.

I may also create some articles on programming, whether on some basic concept I am currently studying or perhaps a way to help solve programming problems people may have trouble with (I will not post solutions to assigned work!), but this is likely to be in a separate blog unless I can sort my articles based on topic.

Some personal articles may also be posted (but again, as stated above, this may end up in a separate blog if it's not possible to sort articles by topic). These will likely vary, ranging from whether I will be on vacation to recounting of personal experiences.

(After fiddling around a bit, it turns out it's possible to categorize articles. Yay!)


I hope that was a good introduction, and I thank you for reading this =).

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