Friday, June 10, 2016

New Player Tips, Warcraft Movie Edition

With the Warcraft movie making its debut soon in the States after relatively decent success abroad, there will likely be a sizeable influx of new players and with it, many questions. While I've written some articles intended to help newbs, many are out of date to the point I've tagged them as legacy articles and have no plans on updating them. To compensate for lack of updates, I will go over some tips I have for new players in this short article. With that said, here are the tips:

  • You may be asking which race and class to play. While there's many decent min-maxing choices and the like (like the article I linked above), I would instead urge you to dabble. Try leveling a character to level 20 or so based on your gut instinct or pure randomness. If you are not enjoying the experience, rinse and repeat until you find a satisfactory experience if possible, but keep the characters you made since you might want to play them later.
  • Do not use the boost. I repeat: DO NOT USE THE BOOST. Save it for your second character at the very least.
  • Immerse yourself. Try to interact with everything from NPCs to objects to items.
  • Challenge yourself. If you're finding the leveling experience to be easy, do activities beyond questing, Dungeon Finder, and the like. Try soloing elites and dungeons, for example.
  • Take every profession you possibly can, even if you don't immediately plan to level them. There will be ways to catch up.
  • Try to get as far as possible without resorting to using external resources like Wowhead and Icyveins. Doing so will help develop a natural knack for playing the game independently.
  • While Dungeon Finder will likely have more newer players, it's recommended to group up with other hopefully friendly players when doing Dungeon Finder if at all. This will help a bit against votes to kick made out of newb intolerance and the like.
  • The Guild Finder is pretty much useless. Instead, keep an eye on the chat for guilds recruiting newer players. Do not take random guild invites out of nowhere.
  • Speaking of chats, be careful what you ask for in chat (or on forums). An innocent question may be met with snark. It is generally better to ask friends or guild members if possible.
  • There is a lot of things to learn about WoW, even if you're a seasoned gamer. Expect to be criticized, especially for some sort of knowledge deficiency.
  • And most of all, have fun. If your idea of fun contradicts any of these tips, then ignore the tip in favor of your own enjoyment.
I may add more tips as time goes on, possibly writing another more substantial article to help out newer players. For now, however, it's time to suit up and get ready to tackle the task of reviewing the Warcraft movie, not to mention I have a bit of a backlog of article ideas to work through. To close, I leave my Battletag if anyone on NA or OCE (new players, etc) wants advice, more significant assistance, or to just talk about the game with someone else. The tag is Interest#1473 (please make sure to add a note saying you found my Battletag from this post). Until then, hope to see you in Azeroth along with the mass of new blood that will hopefully flood into the game.

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