Friday, April 1, 2016

Weekly Content Updates Planned for World of Warcraft

In the face of criticism after criticism regarding their content release model, it has become apparent based on recent Legion builds that there will be weekly installments of content. This isn't too much of a surprise, since there is precedence in the form of quest lines such as the Garrison Campaign, which was released in episodic weekly installments and weekly events such as Timewalking. Thus, it seems reasonable to say that Blizzard would further attempt to emulate what a certain other MMORPG does. While the nature of the content implemented on a weekly basis isn't known, it is nice to see regular attention being brought to their game as long as it's not a bunch of random hotfixes. If only for the sake of improved player retention, I have advocated for more frequent content releases even if the amount of actual content players have to consume over a 6 month cycle is roughly the same.

I only hope that Blizzard can stick to this idea because even if it's not an original one, given their history of improving upon existing concepts, I look forward to a greatly improved iteration of a typical content release. Is this the start of a brighter future where WoW's playerbase is larger and more passionate about the game than ever? Only time will tell, but this is an excellent first step.

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