Tuesday, September 16, 2014

World of Warcraft: Legendary Cloak Quest Rant

Today, I saw an announcement by Blizzard to remove the legendary cloak quest line that has spanned all of Mists of Pandaria's content. When I saw the announcement and, more importantly, the reactions to the announcement, I wanted to express my own thoughts on the announcement in the form of a brief article. Instead, I have opted to try a new format I have been considering for a while. After finishing my League of Legends stream today, I created a short rant video, which you can watch below:
As I say in the video, my rant is a little repetitive but I hope it gets the point across that I don't like what Blizzard is trying to do, particularly since it came so suddenly and it removes a lore-rich questline from the game with little reason.

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