Monday, April 1, 2013

(April Fools') YOLO Queue Coming Soon to League of Legends!

It's amazing how far a statement, even one used rhetorically, can go. In League of Legends, the number of phrases used in this manner are absolutely staggering. One, however, has latched onto the League of Legends system despite not really making any sense in the context it was used. I am of course referring to YOLO queue, an amusing, nonsensical name for the (ranked) solo queue. Whether it's because the words rhyme or it is used to describe the whimsical, yet unmerciful nature of the (ranked) solo queue is a mystery. However, an inside source from Riot Games sees it a little differently.

"We believe that people talk about YOLO queue all the time because there is some unknown demand for something." the inside source says. "After some extensive research, we believe we can deliver on this demand. This is why I am proud to announce the YOLO queue!"

The inside source then goes on to describe this soon-to-be implemented YOLO queue:
  • "It will be a separate queue for Summoner's Rift and be just like a normal [solo] queue with significant differences."
  • "The most important aspect is that to live up to its name, when your champion dies, you and your champion are immediately removed from the game with a loss on your match history."
    • "We feel this will promote strategy unlike anything ever seen before."
  • "To ensure this is [literally] YOLO queue, we have also disabled Zilean and removed the Guardian Angel from the item shop.
    • It was apparent that one Rioter in particular was really unhappy with this decision.
  • "If the demand is high enough, we may make it our default ranked system as well. To add [even more] realism to the fact that this is YOLO queue, dying in the ranked queue will ban you from doing ranked YOLO queue on that account forever."
    • "[After all,] it's not like you can come back to life after dying, right?"
It was surprising how informative the inside source was given how recently the information leaked out. However, at the end the inside source hinted at a (possible) release date...

"We believe it could be ready as soon as the 20th of April this year. It's not that hard to implement and we've [only just now] agreed to implement it [YOLO queue] shortly after the last patch."

Well, there you have it, folks. If it's not coming then, it should be coming Soon™.

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