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World of Warcraft Newbie Guide 3A: The Human's Starting Zone Second Half

When you finish your class quest from before, you will be given another quest by the trainer:

For this you leave the building and you should see the turn-in spot by looking for a question mark on the map.

Life and Death

As soon as you finish this quest, two more will open up in the vicinity. I recommend immediately taking them both.
They look so evil.
As soon as you face out towards the north, you will see huge groups of Goblin Assassins to fight.
Why does my sword look so small?
In addition, you will also be able to revive your allied Stormwind Soldiers by right clicking them (they will sparkle a little and have green lettering over their heads).

You'll also get a huge alert on your screen on how to do this quest.

After finishing healing the injured soldiers and defeating the assassins, you can then turn in the quests for some more gear which you should equip.

Once you complete these quests, you should be level 4 if you are playing alone.

For The Grapes!

Now that you have finished both of those quests, you will be given another quest to return to the front of the abbey which is pretty quick.
Upon turning in this quest, you will then receive two new quests within the area, as shown below:
Before heading out, however, your bags may be getting full. If not, it's still a pretty good idea to know of the location of vendors.
These people near the wagons, which should be right next to the quest givers you got your last quests from, will be able to sell you items or buy items. I will go a little more into detail about them at some point, but the concept of a vendor is generally pretty simple in that you talk to them to see their wares and right click items in your bags or their vendor window to sell and buy (respectively). When highlighting such a vendor and you see an anvil you can also repair equipment at that vendor, which will come into play at a later time.

For now, however, look past the target dummies you fought earlier and go towards the scorched earth where your next quest objectives lie. The former quest is pretty simple. Make sure to defeat the Orcs that are everywhere and loot the Weapons from them. One thing worth noting is that while these Orcs are shown aggressive, the range that they will detect you is pretty small.

At the same time as you battle the Orcs, you will also notice a large amount of fire that you have to put out. Just follow the directions as shown below:
Those 2008-ish fire effects are truly amazing
You will see the Objectives on the right side of your User Interface. When you receive an item to do a quest with, it will show near the quest under the Objectives. Optionally, you can use the item directly from your bag or even drag it onto your Actionbar to use it from there.

When you finally quenched enough fires and obtained enough weapons, return to the Northshire abbey for your rewards:
As you may have noticed, the latter quest awards a bag, as you can see here:
When there's empty "bag slots" new bags you obtain will be equipped. They are able to hold as many items as there are "slots" for the bags (note that some items can be stacked to a point). As you can see, this bag can hold 6 items. As you progress you can get larger and larger bags. You can replace a bag by moving a bag into a bag slot (cannot replace the bag slot of the bag it's currently in, as bags can contain bags). Some bags may hold only hold certain items.

And now with both of these quests complete, it is time to move towards the conclusion of the Human starting area...

 Driving Out The Blackrock

With the previous quests complete, you will now be given one final quest, and that is to defeat Kurtok the Slayer, who leads the group of Orcs attacking Northshire:
You can find him by checking your map. He will show up in the northern areas of the burned orchards you were at:
Once you get that, the battle will begin. For some reason I had a lot of trouble fighting him as a Warrior, so be careful:
Once you have defeated him, return to the quest giver for a well-earned reward:
By completing this quest you should be level 5. Now is the time to prepare your journey into the greater part of the Elwynn Forest.

Leaving Northshire

Before heading out of Northshire for good, you should go to your class trainer and learn any new abilities that are available. For Warriors, Victory Rush is learnable at level 5 (you no longer need to train this spell either. Spells are learned automatically)
Now that you have done that. You should go do any other preparations you consider important, then talk to the quest giver in front of the abbey for the quest to leave:
Now head out...
To Goldshire...
Where the next step of your journey begins...

(Note: You will see another quest when leaving Northshire - make sure to accept that quest too.)

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