Sunday, March 3, 2013

World of Warcraft Newbie Guide 2e: Name Your Character And Final Notes

Now we're on to the final part of character creation, which is naming your character. Afterwards I will give some additional notes surrounding character creation, such as deleting a character.

Naming: What Not To Do

I find one of the more difficult decisions of character creation is coming up with a good name. Therefore, the only advice I can really give is what not to name your character, aside from what's covered in the official naming policy, which I highly recommend reading.
  • Try not to make your name a variation on popular names, such as "Arthasssss" or Leggolaz." While they may not necessarily violate any part of the naming policy, players will be inclined to look down upon you for unoriginality.
  • Don't make your name a homonym of anything that breaks the naming policy. You'll still be penalized.
  • Don't make a name modeled after anything that may link to your personal information (real life name, etc).
  • Unless you're trying to be witty, don't use literal names (like Trolldruid).
And that's really about it. Besides that, use your best judgement on a character name.

Final Notes

Now that you finally have the character you want you can go ahead and click the "Create Character" button below the name. You should now see something like this on your screen:
I don't know why I chose female Orc.
Now you can go right ahead and start playing by pressing the Enter Realm button. There are some things worth noting, however, while at this screen.  Firstly, take note of the "Delete Character" button, which can delete any character you want as long as you type the word to confirm the deletion. Also, not shown here, is the ability to arrange characters on the character selection. When you have more than one character on any given realm, you will see arrows next to your character name on the right side that indicate the characters can be arranged to be more appealing to you. Characters otherwise will be listed in order of chronological creation.

Now go forth, and enter the World of Warcraft! Click here to return to the main article.

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