Friday, February 15, 2013

World of Warcraft Newbie Guide 20: Two Is Greater Than One - Dual Specialization

As you level up your character, you will unlock more and more features, abilities, and the power to use stronger equipment. Just as you can choose a specialization at level 10, access talents at level 15, and use glyphs starting at level 25, at level 30 you can access another class feature: one of which I believe to be the most important class feature in the game. This feature is known as dual specialization, which, after paying a small one-time fee, allows your character to have the ability to run around with two sets of specializations, talents, and glyphs that can be swapped between at the push of a button.

Learning Dual Specialization

Learning dual specialization is pretty easy. To do so, go to your class trainer (something that you probably haven't had to do much of until now). At level 30 you will see an additional option as shown below:
You will then get a brief description of Dual Specialization and are prompted to purchase it. Dual Specialization costs 10 gold. After making the purchase, you can immediately access your second specialization (cannot be refunded, though there's no point in doing so anyways).

How to Use Dual Specialization

Using Dual Specialization is pretty easy, though not explained too well. First, open your Talents and Specializations window using the hotkey assigned to it (N). If you purchased Dual Specialization, you will gain a tab on the right side of the window, as shown below:
Death Knight trainer dialogue -> Monk talents? What?
In addition, at the top of the window you will see whether your primary specialization or secondary specialization is active. To switch between the two, click on the tab that is currently you inactive specialization, then click "Activate" at the bottom of the window. After a short cast, you will be using the inactive specialization as your active specialization. This will reset (most) resources (such as Mana) to zero.

Each specialization setup has its own unique:
  • Specialization choice (effectively allowing you to have two of three specializations available at any given time).
  • Talent choices.
  • Glyph setup.
  • Actionbars (it will copy your current actionbar the moment you learn Dual Specialization to the secondary specialization, but after that you have to customize each specialization's actionbars manually).
It should be noted that resetting anything for one specialization will not affect the other (for instance if you reset your specialization for the primary specialization, it will not reset the secondary specialization's choice).

Go forth and enjoy being able to perform two roles at once (if your class can do that) or experimenting with other specializations with even greater ease.

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