Sunday, October 28, 2012

World of Warcraft: Fleshing Out The Tillers

One thing I like so far about Mists of Pandaria is there are many more things to do. While the content may seem the same in spots (daily quest design being recycled, 5-man dungeons and raids, organized PvP), there are some fresh, new things to do. An example of this activity is farming as a Tiller. While the Tillers reputation features a multitude of dailies, some of which are similar in design to other dailies or quests, part of the Tillers reputation involves raising crops on a farm that is essentially all your own. Farmville (or Harvest Moon) comments aside, farming is a nice daily routine that can be moderately profitable (through growing materials for cooking and other professions) without all the daily quest nonsense (if that's not your thing).

However, while the reputation as a whole is pretty well thought out, there are some parts that seem incomplete, which I will address. This is a pretty long article, so please click below to read the full article:

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