Friday, July 6, 2012

World of Warcraft Newbie Guide: Introduction

“We were all noobs once” as an old saying goes. While I do put stock into the saying, it does bother me that few understand the fundamental difference between the terms noob and newb. The former identifies a player as someone who should be experienced from gameplay but plays poorly because they have not learned some fundamentals due to something like their attitude. The latter identifies a type of player who is completely new (hence newbie) and thus is inexperienced.

In this series of articles, I plan to create a newbie guide that I hope will become a staple tutorial of the game World of Warcraft in response to a lack of a thorough tutorial in-game. While I plan to aim this at the people who need it most, namely players who are new at the game which I have seen many of lately, I urge experienced players to read them as well to offer insights, whether they involve corrections, suggestions, or other feedback.

Because this guide is geared towards newbies, I am going to be as thorough as possible, making the guide seem to drag on and potentially insult the intellect of the readers. This is not the intention of the guide at all, and if you think you can understand the guide more easily than the format permits, feel free to skim it and skip parts of my guide.

Without further ado, I welcome you to my World of Warcraft Newbie Guide:


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