Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Diablo 3: Patch 1.0.3a Is A Step In The Right Direction (And Player Suggestions)

Today introduced a mini-patch that fixed some bugs, but, more importantly, brought a change stated by a blue on the forum to alleviate some of the repair cost issues, specifically from typical fighting. Patch 1.0.3a cut the equipment degradation from the wears and tears of combat by half, which is great since it won't feel like one is breaking even or losing (or not making enough) from fighting. This change also makes it less punishing for players to break destructible objects on higher modes (although I wish there was some way to eliminate that entirely). It may not be exactly what I hoped for in terms of changing repair costs (by implementing fixes that actually stop graveyard rushing entirely), but it's a reasonable compromise (also I will admit the original repair costs were a bit low, but multiplying them by the amount they did seemed over the top).

On another note, it is no secret that Diablo 3 has its issues. Although I have highlighted a few, I have abstained from making too many suggestions mostly because I have yet to finish the game (or have more than one level 60), but also because I expected that soon enough there would be suggestions from all sorts of players which sometimes help to inspire the creation of some Diablo 3-related articles.

Recently I came across a couple videos from some of the more "esteemed" Diablo 3 players and thought the ideas they had in mind were pretty decent. Whether you actually like these players is another matter entirely. Either way, take a watch and make some comments (on the video) what you think if you want.

But that's not all! I also came across a massive compilation of suggestions on the forums that I think is worth a read (the poster is now a MVP...that's impressive).

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