Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Diablo 3 Now Available At Last!

The Diablo 3 Login Screen
It is that day at last. After years of waiting, of toting this game as the go-to while playing another game (mainly World of Warcraft) to pass the time, the next game in the Diablo series is now available. This game, however, doesn't only seem to feature gameplay that Diablo or Diablo 2 players are familiar with, but also revolutionary features such as the real money auction house (yes, apparently it did survive, and you can transfer funds you make to a Paypal account). Apparently it's also much easier to party up with friends and the Battletag system itself is downright amazing (and it's possible to see your Diablo 3 friends you made by Battletag on World of Warcraft too).

Either way, the game looks really promising and I have yet to start the first Act. One thing I will make clear, however, is that I will not bandwagon and quit World of Warcraft just to devote time to Diablo 3. I will play both games, with League of Legends on the side. In fact, what will likely end up happening is I will play Diablo 3 to make a little money through the real life auction house and maybe some group play, since it seems to be far easier to do in this game than most games I have ever played. For anyone interested in adding me for group play, my battletag is Interest#1473 (please make sure to add a note that you found the tag here, however, or I'll probably just deny the request).

Also, expect content regarding this particular game.

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