Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Diablo 3: Level 60! And Inferno Mode Unlocked!

Hell truly hath no fury
After a week of hard grinding, which was filled with stress, tears (especially on Belial), and teamwork, I have finally reached the level cap of 60 and completed Hell mode on Diablo 3. I may not be the first ever (the leveling is pretty fast, and I think someone got a world first level 60 within a day or two of release). I believe, however, I may be among the first to reach level 60 among my peers which includes my fellow members of Wowhead.

Upon finishing Hell mode, which involved a lengthy solo kill on the final boss, I promptly entered Inferno mode, where even the first mobs were dealing damage equal to over a third of my health with each and each mob had roughly five or six times the health of their Hell counterparts. This resulted in a lot of clever kiting of mobs (as I am a Demon Hunter) and ability usage, but I managed to get through the first few missions. My brief excursion earned me some general analysis of Inferno mode as well as what it is like to be a level 60:
  • Inferno mode is HARD. As mentioned before, the mobs have vastly more health and deal significantly more damage. Large parts of it have been successfully soloed by some incredibly talented players as of this posting.
  • In both Nightmare and Hell mode, there were some reagents used to level up the Blacksmith and Jeweler (known as artisans). In Inferno mode, a reagent drops that is used to level both artisans, as shown below:
They drop pretty frequently too

  • A buff known as Nephalem Valor, that I mistakenly thought was for Inferno mode only, is for level 60 players. This buff grants 15% bonus Magic Find and 15% bonus Gold Find. This buff can stack up to five times for a total of 75% bonus Magic Find and Gold Find. This buff persists through death but is removed if you leave the game (including if you disconnect) and also if you change skills. I have things to say about this buff in particular but I'll leave that to my suggestions article. The buff is as shown below:
Unique monsters and bosses do not count

That's about all I've gotten so far, aside from managing to farm a ridiculous amount of gold so that I can access some secret content. I almost have my list of suggestions done, but I just keep finding more things to talk about... It'll be up soon.

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